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AYVY founder, Prosper Nwokocha, would always wear undershirts with his polo’s and dress shirts. He was partial to tank tops or A-shirts for their low-profile, sleeveless, and thin layer of sweat protection that helped preserve his top shirts. However, he disliked that the undershirt was visible when the neck and chest area of the top shirt was unbuttoned. To address this, he searched high and low for a low cut or v-neck tank, but he couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. So, he resorted to cutting his A-shirts himself, which turned out to be his first prototype, marking the birth of AYVY – the innovative V-neck A-shirt (patent-pending).

A New Paradigm in Men's Fashion

Whether you’re wearing it as a low profile sweat barrier, an added layer for warmth, or as a form-fitting garment to accentuate your physique, the tank top undershirt is an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe.

Recent male fashion trends have men wearing more form-fitting and chest-exposing tops. The problem with traditional tank top undershirts, (also known as Athletic shirts or A-shirts), is that they are usually visible when wearing a lowcut or button-down shirt over the tank, which detracts from the overall look. So I needed an option that offers the sophistication of the v-neck T-shirt, without the constraint or gathering of the sleeves. Combining the lightness and breathability of the tank top/undershirt creates the perfect union of simplicity, sleekness, and versatility.

The simple solution was to add a stylish V-neckline to the common A-shirt. And with that, I introduce AYVY – a new generation of contemporary high end fashion forward tanks/undershirts and tops providing you enhanced comfort and protection, but with less visibility.

Once you try AYVY, with its patent-pending v-neck design, you’ll never go back to the traditional V.

“My wife wants to know when you’re dropping a women’s line.  She keeps stealing my Ayvy shirts.”

-Jason B.