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AYVY Fabric & Fit

The Ayvy difference extends beyond our innovative design into our fabric.  Our core fabric is a modal/cotton blend, soft yet durable and absorbent. The longer fibers in modal result in a fabric that holds color beautifully. We’ve added 5% spandex to retain shape resulting in a body-conforming fit. This fabric blend lends itself to wearing our garments from athletic activities to social nights out, either layered or on their own.

Our garments are pre-shrunk and tested by a well respected 3rd party independent lab. We test for wash care, shrinkage, fading and shape retention. We do this to ensure quality and confidence in our brand.

Please note that we offer one size chart for tanks, and another for our other styles so that our garments will fit as they were designed to be worn.


AYVY was conceived to fill a void in the marketplace. The
result is a design where form meets function.



AYVY founder, Prosper Nwokocha

would always wear undershirts with his polos and dress shirts.  He was partial to tank tops or athletic tops for their low-profile, sleeveless design and comfortable weight. However, he disliked that the undershirt was visible when the neck and chest area of the top shirt was unbuttoned. To address this, he searched high and low for a low cut or v-neck tank, but he couldn’t find anything that fit the bill.  So he resorted to cutting his athletic shirts himself, which turned out to be his first prototype, marking the birth of AYVY – the innovative V-neck (patent-pending).

Whether you’re wearing our tank as a low profile undershirt, as a form-fitting garment to accentuate your physique or as an added layer for warmth or for absorbency, the tank top is an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe. For AYVY, it is also our definitive core style.

We have expanded our collection to include short and long sleeve tees and our newest style, the long sleeve hoodie (sleeveless hoodie coming soon).

“Solution to a problem I never knew I had.  I wear the tank or short sleeve as an undershirt to work. Then after work, I wear it as a workout shirt.  It’s even good for lounging around the house.”


“The hoodie is super versatile.  I can rock it under a tee, a vest, a blazer, a coat, or even by itself.”

-Sam K.

“The shirts are super dope…love the feel.”

-Jeremiah C.

“The fit is great.  Perfect to wear under my dress shirts or scrubs.”

-Willis N.

“These shirts are soooooo comfortable.”

- Eric J.